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Pioneer Square Seattle Winter Wedding
Seattle Wedding Photographer
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Catholic Wedding Seattle Photographer
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Seattle Wedding Photographer 

Your wedding only happens once in a lifetime (well let's hope so). It is a huge responsibility for any photographer to take on the task. You spend months planning your perfect wedding. You lock down the venue. You say yes to dress. You pick up the beautiful bouquet and flowers. You shop for bridesmaids dresses that truly show the girls' personalities. You try so many caterers to make sure all the guests won't go home with an empty stomach. And you hire the most energetic DJ so everyone will have a blast celebrating the next chapter of your life. And after the wedding day, when all that's said and done, the photographs are all that you have left to reminisce the moments. How those images are photographed will heavily reflect on how you will remember the wedding. 

I do not take this job lightly. And it is my true honor to have the opportunity to document the most important day of your life. I have spent years refining my craft before stepping into the industry. Shooting a wedding is a privilege. To be able to learn a couple's story in a short period of time, to witness the vows they commit to each other, and to eventually preserve the moments they share with everybody have always inspired me in so many different ways. At every wedding I learn something new not just about love, but also friendship and family. That's what drives me forward. I want to tell your story in the most unique way because I believe you deserve it.