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Seattle Fine Art Wedding Photographer

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This image sums up all the things I've learned in the past few years. I’m a self-taught wedding photographer and have been practicing for a while now, and this photo almost feels like my very own capstone project. I incorporated all the essentials from posing, lighting, and composition. With the cape on the bride elongated to the sides, you can see how it created a stunning and dramatic effect.

This photograph was taken under a small, ordinary tunnel inside the Mill Creek Country Club. Nothing at all special about it. However, when I walked past the tunnel, I immediately had a vision in mind and I couldn’t let it go.

The bride and the tunnel made quite a contrast, actually. The bride, in her beautiful, white dress, and the tunnel giving off a somewhat grimy, dark vibe. But I love how it turned out. The spiral pattern of the tunnel in the background frames the bride and focuses attention on the bride. It was a well-executed shot and I’m extremely pleased with it.

Fine Art Wedding Photography Style

You’ll see on my other photos that I really love the journalistic wedding photography style. It’s the type where you take photos as events unfold, preserving the moments as they happen. But I also love fine art styles, because it requires a different set of skills and poses a different set of challenges. I feel that with the fine art style, I can allow myself a bit more time and planning and do more creative shots that showcases the different photography skills.

I think that’s what makes one a top wedding photographer, to possess and deliver different photography styles for clients. I really enjoyed doing this shot, and I look forward to shooting more fine art pieces.

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Location: 15500 Country Club Dr, Mill Creek, WA 98012.

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