Precious Candid Moment Wedding Photography

Precious Candid Moment Wedding Photography

Sure, this image may not be the best picture in terms of the quality and the exposure, but it is everything we have always strived for as wedding photographers. 

This is the 2nd wedding I I shot in my career. Although the highlight is totally blown out, I still stand by this photograph and could not be more proud of such moment I have capture between the bride and her mom. The emotion, the anticipation, and the excitement truly unfolds as the bride prepares to walk down the ceremony with her mom (and her dad too) to see her husband-to-be for the first time. 

After I delivered the images, I found out Abigail has actually put this picture as her profile on Facebook. That was when I realized how much this means to her. A picture says a thousand word, and this is the best example of the motto. I was so glad I was able to provide such a service to Abigail and James. And to see her putting so much value on this photograph absolutely means a lot to me too. I feel like I have truly done something that created a lasting value for my client. This is what keeps me going as a wedding photographer. I want to preserve more of these moments. 

Location: 751 Big House Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922.