Elegant Bridal Party Wedding Picture
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Elegant Bridal Party Wedding Picture

Candid Wedding Group Photo in Downtown Seattle

What an elegant and candid photo of an energetic group! This is Jana and Austin's wedding during the summer of Seattle. When we were coordinating where to go for the wedding and bridal portraits, Jana initially suggested going to Gas Works Park. However, knowing that it's a Saturday and there would be a lot of people, I recommended going somewhere else for the shoot.

Later on, they had decided to go to Marshall Park, near Queen Anne. When I googled some images of Marshall Park, they made me anticipate shooting there. With the scenic water in the background of the viewpoint, I was excited to take some epic shots.

However, when we got there, there was nothing but direct and harsh sun light. I turned around immediately and saw a little park nearby, then told the whole wedding party to head there. It was a tiny park with no major attractions whatsoever. However, seeing the light allowed me to create something out of nothing. And that's one of the most important things when one looks for a wedding photographer - to think on our feet in unpredictable scenarios. Locations are not always the priority when we photograph people. The ability to see the light is what sets a photographer from others.

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Location: 1191 7th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119.

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