Dramatic Veil Portrait with a Chinese bride

Dramatic Veil Portrait with a Chinese bride

When Stina told me she had her dress custom made all the way from China, I knew I had something I I could really look forward to. It was a beautiful day in Seattle. Stina was getting ready at Pan Pacific Hotel near downtown Seattle. The bridal prep room was so spacious Justin and I really wish we could've spent a lot more time in the suite than anywhere else in the world. It was a photographer and videographer's heaven with all the lighting and reflection it's got. However, the fun had to come to an end. We had to head to Kerry Park for family photos and Chihuly Gardens for the reception. However, as soon as we got off elevator and made a right turn right before we stepped out of the door. I saw this spiral staircase that was waiting for my calling. I recall a lot of times that many photographers have taken the staircase shots on the Internet. How could I let this opportunity go? That said, I did not just attempt to replicate what everybody else has done. I took an alternative approach and angle, shameless asking Kelsey to and the bride's mom to help hold the veil. With a pinch of lighting, here comes the most dramatic veil shot I have ever created. It was exactly what I have envisioned. Though I did wish the staircase could have been much wider so we could showcase the extravagantly long train of Stina's dress. Rest assured, we will actually do a post bridal portrait sometime soon to really invest the time for a lot more gorgeous portraits.

Location: 2125 Terry Ave, Seattle, WA 98121.

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