Fun and Crazy Dance Photography in Washington
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Fun and Crazy Dance Photography in Washington

This picture pretty much sums up the whole dance party at Abigail and James' wedding at Cle Elum. It was definitely something I did not expect during the day. The bride and groom are a really easy going and chill couple. Nothing out of ordinary, so I assume the friends and family will also resemble. However, as the night went on and when the alcohol kicked in. Everybody started partying up! There was so much excitement and joy throughout the whole dance floor. Every one was cheering for Abigail and James. It was a heck of a celebration. 

The dance floor was certainly one of the most difficult setting I have ever photograph. First of it was outdoor, as a result there was no any way to bounce the flash off of the any ceiling or all. And there was no any external light source except for the DJ's lighting setting, so it was really hard to focus and compose for the photograph. I was really glad to have capture this moment. The guy in the foreground busting his move, with the water cup being thrown in the air, while the other two guys just being drunk and having fun and the bride just hiding the back as who knows what she's doing. This is the real action frozen in time.  

Location: 751 Big House Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922.