Timeless and Vintage Wedding in Seattle
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Timeless and Vintage Wedding in Seattle

Take me back to the 1980s.

Some people opt for a vintage wedding simply because they want to have something different than the norm. Well this is not the case for Krishane and Robert. They actually live the vintage and retro style in their everyday life. And when I think of vintage, I think of timeless. This is inarguably my favorite photo from Krishane and Robert's wedding. We were in the 1950 vintage Bentley on the way to their hotel after the reception. I was sitting in the front seat with limited space to move around with. In order to get this shot, I had to make sure my flash was secured firmly with one hand while I was holding the camera on the other hand. Not to mention the car was driving at the moment. And it just came out beautifully. With the mirror reflection portrait and the motion blur created astonishing composition. And the grain also adds the the timelessness that takes you back to the 1980. I always adore images like this. The moments that capture the joy and excitement right after the wedding day concludes (in their case here it was only around 4 o'clock in the afternoon)! The most private and intimate moment that are only shared with the bride and groom. It just can't get better than this.

Location: Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.