Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall Wedding Photography

Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall Wedding Photography

I was coming down to Los Angeles just for a vacation with some of my boys, and I pondered to myself, "Why don't I actually organize a wedding styled shoot while I'm there?" Imagining it would be completely achievable, I was out of my mind as it was only one day prior when I came up with the idea. I contacted a couple boutique stores. Although there were a couple vendors that actually expressed interests, but it would require them to prepare at least a week to prepare supposedly. However, my mission to conquer a photography shoot did not stop here. Victoria contacted me just when I was about to let go of the idea, and she was the perfect choice. We discussed about the makeup and hair I was envisioning and she had no problem at all accommodating my request, especially without the help of a makeup artist. Her excitement really had me look forward to this shoot despite all obstacles that came due to the last minute planning.

Victoria and her husband got married in Vegas a few years back. It was somewhat a casual getaway. Hence she did not have a professional photographer to help preserve her precious memories. With this reason, this wedding shoot was particularly paramount to her and her husband. I decided to do the shoot at Walt Disney Concert Hall because I've been dreaming about photographing here for a long time now. The contemporary architecture of the concert hall makes such a marvelous backdrop. And around the concert hall, there were so many hidden gems to work with. Every corner around the building comes an unexpected structure that allows a photographer to fully explore his imagination. We spent at least one hour here walking around and I was not even close to finishing the location scouting. There is no doubt in my mind that I will come back here for another photo shoot!

Location: 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012.