Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall Wedding Photography
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Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall Wedding Photography

I was heading to Los Angeles for a vacation with some of my friends, and I pondered to myself, "Why don't I organize a wedding-styled shoot while I'm there?" I must admit, it was a pretty ambitious idea, given that I only came up with this the day before my trip. Nevertheless, I went ahead and contacted a few boutique stores. Although there were a couple of vendors that actually expressed interest, they needed at least a week to prepare. However, my mission to conquer the shoot did not stop there. Victoria contacted me just when I was about to give up, and she became the savior of my bold dream. We discussed the hair and makeup I had in mind and she had no problem at all accommodating my requests, even without the help of a makeup artist. Her excitement got me looking forward to this shoot, despite all the obstacles that came from the last-minute planning.

Victoria and her husband got married in Vegas a few years back. It was somewhat a casual getaway. Hence she did not have a professional photographer to help preserve her precious memories. Therefore, this wedding shoot was particularly significant to her and her husband. I decided to do the shoot at Walt Disney Concert Hall because I've been dreaming about photographing there for a long time now. The contemporary architecture of the concert hall makes such a marvelous backdrop. And around the concert hall, there are so many hidden gems to work with. Every corner of the building came with unexpected twists and turns that allowed a photographer to fully explore his imagination. We spent at least an hour there walking around and I was not even close to finishing the location scouting. There is no doubt in my mind that I will come back here for another photoshoot!

Location: 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012.