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Seattle Tacoma Wedding Photographers

This was the first time I went down to the Tacoma area to photograph a wedding. It was a busy weekend because the day before I was in Bainbridge Island shooting another wedding.

This wedding portrait is taken at Chamber Bay which is near Tacoma, Washington. With a summer wedding like this and a good weather. You can never miss an opportunity of a sunset portrait. And thankfully, the Environmental Service Building where the bride and groom picked the wedding venue at provided just the perfect backdrop. The venue offers a spectacular view during the day as well. It oversees the Pacific Ocean with with McNeil Island right across. It provides so many great locations for wedding portraits. 

I initially didn't notice the stunning sunset view outside because I was busy photographing the dance reception inside the venue. Until the bride and groom pulled my assistant over to snap a few pictures and eventually my assistant came in and said, "hey I need help!" Then I stepped outside and was wowed the gorgeous sunset. The sun was so bloodily red that it dyed over the whole sky. To take a scenic portrait, a photographer has to put the emphasis on the view itself. But for me, I was able to incorporate the sunset view and the couple all together in once scene. With the sun placed between the couple it created an intimate silhouette. And I have been placing this photograph as the last photo of my portfolio not because I'm not as proud of this image as other but because I always thought it provides a strong mood and ending for my work!

Location: 9850 64th Street West, University Place, WA 98467.

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