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Boudoir Wedding Photographer Seattle

Intimate Boudoir style Bridal Portrait while getting ready

It’s every wedding photographer’s commandment to try to get out of our comfort zone and try something different. For me, it’s always been a long-time dream of mine to photograph a bride in a semi-boudoir fashion. There’s something very classic and feminine about the style that I’m drawn to, but I was always a bit hesitant about attempting it. It wasn’t until Matt and Yui’s wedding, I had the unexpected opportunity to shoot one.

Yui was getting ready at Stadium Place in downtown Seattle. Initially, I told the couple we had a lot of time to capture more photos before the ceremony. Because we weren’t doing the first look, we didn't have to worry much about meeting the schedule with the groom. It was just her and the bridesmaids along with some of her family hanging out at the apartment. We had too much fun and lost track of time for a bit. Yui started scrambling around inside the room to put on her wedding dress. She started rushing about with just her bra on, clearly too busy to mind me in the same room! Seeing that she didn’t care about this, I carefully approached her and suggested a boudoir styled shoot and she agreed with so much enthusiasm!

As you can see from the final photograph, it turned out just the way I had imagined. Capturing both the feminine and classic feel. I’m so thankful that Yui allowed me to capture this, and I feel confident to try out boudoir styled bridal portraits with other brides in the future.

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Location: 520 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134.

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