Chihuly Garden Wedding Celebration | Stina & Chester

“Opposites attract” may be a cliche saying to some, but it certainly seems to hold true for Stina and Chester, whose differing personalities go together so seamlessly. When we got together to discuss the details of their ceremony, it was clear that Stina was the more outgoing of the two. She did most of the talking during the meeting, while Chester would calmly interject every now and then with his own ideas that tended to be comically different from Stina’s. 

Nonetheless, the couple’s charming dynamic lent itself to a wonderful celebration of their love. They opted to hold their reception at the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in the Seattle Center with a smaller court wedding a few weeks prior. The reception included friends, family, plenty of heartwarming speeches, and of course, no wedding would be complete without a spread of incredible food - crab and ribs to be precise, courtesy of City Catering Company.

The reception also involved a tea ceremony and a handful of traditional Chinese elements, including invitations and wedding accessories in the color red, which symbolizes happiness and prosperity. In Chinese culture it is also traditional for the bride to wear a red dress. Stina had her beautiful wedding dress customized in China.

Of course, every bride dreams about her groom’s reaction to the first look, as we can only imagine Stina did. But instead of a typical emotional reaction that one might expect from a groom in this situation, Chester reacted in a far more amusing way that seemed to come right out of left field: “Wow, that’s a lot of makeup!” he exclaimed. But at the end of the day, what would a happy marriage be without its fair share of unexpected humor?


Intimate Wedding at Willows Inn | Lummi Island Photography

They say that food brings people together, and this couldn’t be more true for Alexa and Ryan, who fell for each other in high school when Alexa served Ryan a burrito in the cafeteria. Although the timing wasn’t quite right for them then, eventually fate (and their mutual love of food) brought them together.

The couple opted to tie the knot in a beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony right on the beach on Lummi Island near Bellingham with their closest friends and family (including their golden retriever, Buddha) in attendance. Ryan serenaded Alexa on his ukulele, and even the fickle Pacific Northwest sun showed itself.

But perhaps most importantly, as food connoisseurs, the couple knew they wanted to provide their wedding guests with a dining adventure like no other, which is exactly why they chose The Willows Inn. Unlike typical wedding buffet catering, The Willows Inn offers a unique culinary experience for its guests with a 15-course meal that spans over a period of three hours. Head Chef Blaine Wetzel is internationally acclaimed and the Willows Inn has received ample recognition and numerous awards over the years. It was even ranked as the #1 Restaurant in North America by Opinionated About Dining from 2016 through 2019. Not to mention, the food's gorgeous presentation made for some excellent photo opportunities. Alexa and Ryan were positively blown away by how it all turned out. 

The picturesque food and intimate setting on the beach all made for the perfect wedding day. Throw in some CBD gel and marijuana joints as party favors for the guests (courtesy of Ryan’s job at a cannabis company), and it doesn’t get much more Pacific Northwest than that.

Venue: Willows Inn
Photographer: Roddy Chung
Makeup & Hair: Beauty by Elizabeth Marie
Dress Designer: Eddy K

South African Wedding | Zola & Rovina

Just like any other couple in 2020, Zola & Rovina had to face the biggest wedding challenge ever. They already had everything planned out for the wedding. They originally planned to have their wedding at Sodo Park, but were forced to scrap their wedding due to COVID-19. This was a huge bummer for them because they had family and friends in South Africa who could no longer attend.

Nevertheless, the pandemic didn't stop them from going ahead with their wedding. They just had to come up with a Plan B.

Zola and Rovina attend the Christian Faith Church in Federal Way every weekend, and their best friend Tasha said, "Well, since the plan was scratched, why don't you just have your wedding at the Church?" (Brilliant idea! Isn't this what best friends are for?) Zola and Rovina went ahead and started putting together their new plan for the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, I could just feel the excitement bubbling everywhere. Rovina was especially looking forward to the professional hair and makeup, since she's never done anything like it before. When she was done, she looked in the mirror and screamed, "Damn, I look good!" We were off to a great start!

In the other room, Zola was Zooming with his friends from South Africa as he got ready with his groomsmen.

I also loved that they incorporated lots of DIY elements for the new venue. (Like the photo wall they made for the guests!) It was a nice personal touch to their special day! Zola and Rovina's wedding ceremony was streaming live so that their friends and family could tune in from all over the world. (Many streamed from South Africa.)

We all know that weddings can be unpredictable at times, but no one saw the type of unpredictability that 2020 will bring to all the brides and grooms out there. But Zola and Rovina pulled through and knocked it out of the park! Scroll down below to see snippets of Zola and Rovina's wedding!

Are you planning on having a pandemic wedding? What was the biggest pivot you had to make?

Crystal Mountain Wedding


We were having so much fun with the girls jumping on the bed while getting ready. We were chilling outside the hotel room sipping German beer. Then of course we went all the way to the top of the Crystal Mountain to join Jessica and Michael as they wed each other with the magnificent view of Mt. Rainier as their backdrop. Nonetheless, if there’s anything to define Jessica and Michael, it’s none of the above but their passion for dancing.

I have witnessed their mad dancing skills during their engagement shoot already, but every time I see them groove with the rhythm, I’m still in awe. Especially when Michael twirls Jessica, that spinning speed really could cause a little tornado around them. Jk, but it is always jaw dropping.

Although their moves always steal the spotlight, it is just impossible not to talk about the stunning ceremony on the top of the mountain. No decor was necessary, because the whole mountain turned into part of the wedding design. With a view like this on top of a sunny day, what else can you ask for? And when I saw the walking path from the gondola all the way to the other chair lift, I knew I could create something extraordinary out of this! And in order to get the full scenery, I climbed up the stairs to a higher point of view. The leading line with the sierra in the background while placing the couple in the foreground, a spectacular panoramic photograph was created.

I’m truly thankful to be given the opportunity to photograph Jessica and Michael’s wedding. Especially I had so many “one more shot” because I just couldn’t resist taking more photos in the evening while being immersed in the twinkling stars from the sky.

Photographer: Roddy Chung Photography

Venue: Crystal Mountain Resort

Officiant: Pamela Torres

Cake: Finale - Signature Cakes by Lydia

Strings: Arcobaleno Strings

Reception Music: Good Co.

Tropical Pink Wedding Styled Shoot


The inspiration for this style shoot is from a dreamy 16th century aristocratic French flair meets etherial forest fantasy with soft yet refined aesthetics of the infamous madame du pompadour. We mimicked the french era aesthetic using rich textiles, lush plants, and tropical flowers to fuse a passionate experience with a bold and rustic color palette board. In line with the old-world colonial vibe, we use silver and antique stone urns to accentuate the reception tables. The contrasting horizontal and vertical visuals are repeated in the lines on glasswares, urns, taper candle holders and provide a rich celestial feel with textual variance within the color palette. The rustic and bold portrait backdrop is a hand painted canvas that is symbolizes old world luxury with a dimensional chic pink wall styled with lush deep plants and exotic greenery.

Venue: Locket Space

Photographer: Roddy Chung

Floral and Event Design: Oh Miss Chic

Hardware: Grand Event Rentals

Hair and Makeup Artist: Christy K Makeup and Hair

Willow Heights Mansion Wedding


You've heard that most of the wedding photographers started out when they were asked to photograph one of their friends' weddings. Surprisingly, that was not the case for me. As a matter of fact, I had not shot any of my friends' weddings until 2015. Yuki and Phil are both good friends of mine. We were all in the same social circle. However, they did not lay eyes on each other until junior year. Even though they met in Seattle, they have been living in the Bay Area since they graduated from college. With friends and family from all over the world, they decided to have the wedding at Willow Heights Mansion, which is about an hour away from San Francisco.

It was a gorgeous day in Morgan Hill. The whole mansion overlooks a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley. The inside of the building embodies white marble countertops and crystal chandeliers throughout the whole interior. With a mix of Old Hollywood and modern decor, it provides a splendid and elegant atmosphere.

But what topped the highlight of the wedding was not the dazzling decor, it's the tears that flooded everybody throughout the whole day. Coming from Japan and being the only child of the family, Yuki's decision to settle in the states has been difficult not only for her but also her parents. To be able to let go of their daughter in a foreign country, Yuki's parents have put a lot of trust in Phil too (heck he's also lived in Taiwan most of his life). Especially for Yuki's mom, there was not a single moment that I did not see her cry during the ceremony, family portraits, and the reception. The timeline we scheduled in advance was only planned for two toasts from the best man and maid of honor. But a lot more members of the wedding party stepped forward to give a heart-warming speech. Last but not least, when we showed the video Ilesha, the maid of honor, made for Yuki that flashes back to her transition from adolescence to adulthood, nobody, especially Yuki's parents, could hold back the tears.

They say college is the place where you meet your friends for life. It's also the place where you meet your future spouse. It really can't be more true for Yuki and Phil, as I had been there to witness their journey since day one.

I remember Yuki has always joked about being a house wife as one of her life goals. And ever since I started my photography career, Yuki and I have constantly joked about shooting her wedding one day to help achieve her dream. At the time she has already been dating Phil for about 3 yeas in, so when we tossed around the getting-married joke, it has always been her and Phil in the picture. And here we are 5 years later. I actually had the honor to document one of my best friends' wedding. It's so crazy to realize how time has flown, and how far we have gone. I'd definitely consider this a milestone for both of us. Congratulations Yuki and Phil!

Photographer: Roddy Chung Photography

Make up Artist: Christine Kay

Venue: Willow Heights Mansion

Court in the Square Wedding


Just when I thought I was about to wrap up the booking for 2016, something just totally came out of the blue.

Nina and I used to be really close back in elementary school. One day I messaged her on Facebook to gain some votes for Seattle A-List's best wedding photographers (did I mention I got 2nd place for that!?). Then she told me that she was going to visit Seattle in October. Before this conversation we have not talked to each other for possibly more than 10 years. And it wasn't until a week after when I realized she was actually going to be here for her sister's wedding.

She told me, "you should meet my sister and fiance. They are really chill."

I thought, hold up... your sister is getting married?????????????

Being a curious individual as I have always been, the next question of course had to be- "Did they find a photographer for their wedding yet?" And that's how I eventually got to meet Tami and Chris. From the very first time when we met to discuss wedding planning, we hit it off immediately.

Just like any other weddings, nothing went exactly as the couple planned. Yet somehow we still managed to pull it off and wrapped off the wedding day with a perfect note. It was one hella a day filled with all kinda of emotions.

Photographer: Roddy Chung

Makeup/Hair: Christy K

Videographer: Pixel Dust Weddings

Location: Court in the Square

Labor Day Weekend Wedding at Cle Elum

Abigail connected with me initially when she saw my photos that I shot at my sister’s wedding on Facebook. Abigail is from Lynden, which is the same town where I'm from, while James, the groom, is from Spokane. They live together in Seattle, but they decided to have the wedding in Cle Elum because it's the absolute mid point between Lynden and Spokane. The wedding took place in Big House Lodge during Labor Day weekend, and they hosted it in the most relaxing and fun way possible. They invited all their friends and family to come over for two nights of camping and bonfire, and ended the weekend with the grand wedding ceremony on Sunday.


And then comes the wedding day - it was a day that was filled with nothing but emotions. The moment Abigail walked down the aisle, James broke into tears. I believe it was the first time I’ve ever seen a groom crying with such raw emotions at a wedding ceremony. Throughout the whole day, I could see joyful tears on lots of faces. The way Abigail cried to James when they first had their little private moments right after the ceremony, and the time when Abigail squeezed her dad into a tight hug during the father-daughter dance - these were the moments that made this couple really special to capture and it touched me in so many ways.

As I went on to take family formals afterwards, I decided to do something a bit more creative. I put Abigail and James in the middle with both their parents standing on each side. When I asked all 3 couples to kiss their love, it came to me as a surprise when both parents started to make out with each other with endless passion as though it's a competition. Interestingly, the newly weds were actually the most reserved ones standing in the middle and enjoying the show.

Maybe it’s because of the whole range of emotions shown throughout the whole day, the wedding crowd all decided to turn the energy another way around as the day got dark. Well, with a TINY bit of alcohol, everybody went crazy. Some shirts were off, some red solo cups were thrown in the air... But hey, I couldn't have asked for a better crowd to photograph. They were a memorable bunch to work with!