Chihuly Garden Wedding Celebration | Stina & Chester

“Opposites attract” may be a cliche saying to some, but it certainly seems to hold true for Stina and Chester, whose differing personalities go together so seamlessly. When we got together to discuss the details of their ceremony, it was clear that Stina was the more outgoing of the two. She did most of the talking during the meeting, while Chester would calmly interject every now and then with his own ideas that tended to be comically different from Stina’s. 

Nonetheless, the couple’s charming dynamic lent itself to a wonderful celebration of their love. They opted to hold their reception at the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in the Seattle Center with a smaller court wedding a few weeks prior. The reception included friends, family, plenty of heartwarming speeches, and of course, no wedding would be complete without a spread of incredible food – crab and ribs to be precise, courtesy of City Catering Company.

The reception also involved a tea ceremony and a handful of traditional Chinese elements, including invitations and wedding accessories in the color red, which symbolizes happiness and prosperity. In Chinese culture it is also traditional for the bride to wear a red dress. Stina had her beautiful wedding dress customized in China.

Of course, every bride dreams about her groom’s reaction to the first look, as we can only imagine Stina did. But instead of a typical emotional reaction that one might expect from a groom in this situation, Chester reacted in a far more amusing way that seemed to come right out of left field: “Wow, that’s a lot of makeup!” he exclaimed. But at the end of the day, what would a happy marriage be without its fair share of unexpected humor?


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