Court in the Square Wedding


Just when I thought I was about to wrap up the booking for 2016, something just totally came out of the blue.

Nina and I used to be really close back in elementary school. One day I messaged her on Facebook to gain some votes for Seattle A-List’s best wedding photographers (did I mention I got 2nd place for that!?). Then she told me that she was going to visit Seattle in October. Before this conversation we have not talked to each other for possibly more than 10 years. And it wasn’t until a week after when I realized she was actually going to be here for her sister’s wedding.

She told me, “you should meet my sister and fiance. They are really chill.”

I thought, hold up… your sister is getting married?????????????

Being a curious individual as I have always been, the next question of course had to be- “Did they find a photographer for their wedding yet?” And that’s how I eventually got to meet Tami and Chris. From the very first time when we met to discuss wedding planning, we hit it off immediately.

Just like any other weddings, nothing went exactly as the couple planned. Yet somehow we still managed to pull it off and wrapped off the wedding day with a perfect note. It was one hella a day filled with all kinda of emotions.

Photographer: Roddy Chung

Makeup/Hair: Christy K

Videographer: Pixel Dust Weddings

Location: Court in the Square


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