West Seattle Private Property Bridal Portrait
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West Seattle Private Property Bridal Portrait

Bethany’s elegant and intimate bridal portrait in West Seattle Airbnb

Will (the groom) rented an AirBnb for Bethany (the bride) to get ready. As soon as they walked into this tiny apartment, he immediately responded, "honey, I know we are not trying to spend a lot of money, but we could've at least found a much nicer space than this." Yes, the Airbnb they rented was definitely not the most ideal place for the bride and her bridesmaids for getting ready, like those hotel rooms where there are lots of light sources. It was dark. It was narrow. But as a wedding photographer, this is where my experience and expertise comes in. The challenges for wedding photographers is having the ability to think on our feet and make the best out of every scenario. And that's exactly what I did.

I told everybody to leave the room for a minute so Bethany could have a private moment and get in the mood for some intimate bridal portrait. I found a window light source in the living room, then eliminated all the distracting elements in the frame using a 85mm prime lens, and created this stunning picture of Bethany. The bottom of the wedding dress is meticulously spread all over the floor to cover the background behind her which makes the whole photograph so simple but yet elegant.

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