Seattle Timeless Sunset Wedding Photographer

Seattle Timeless Sunset Wedding Photographer

Tomasina and Arris claim they are not really good at posing. I said no problem. Not that I would not pose them at all during the photo time, but I told them I will give directions that would still make you look natural and beautiful. And this is one of the images that I gave just a simple direction and here we get the most emotional and moody bridal portrait. It was sunset time. And our couple was actually just at the reception table waiting for the dinner. The sun was setting at 9pm and we only got half an hour left. So I told my newlyweds that "hey let's just go outside real quick to take a couple pictures." Throughout the whole day, I've been telling the bride to fix her hair because it keeps blocking her face. And during this time the wind was blowing stronger than ever. Then I thought to myself, "well I'll actually use her hair and the wind as my advantage!" As a result, I told my couple to just enjoy the sunset for a moment. While the wind was still blowing in her face, the messy crumbling hair created the most timeless photojournalistic art piece with so much emotion and timelessness.

Location: 6049 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

Keywords: Bridal Portrait (36), moody (3), photojournalism (9), sunset (6).