Rock Creed Gardens Recessional

Rock Creed Gardens Recessional

Just from looking at this picture, you can feel the joy and energy from this fun wedding. It was a perfect day. An overcast weather with not much sun heating up the temperature. And in the Greater Seattle area like Puyallup. It was even fortunate that it wasn't raining on this wedding day. 

The bride was an really friendly and easy-going and the groom was rather shy. But with all his funny groomsmen goofing around it lit up the energy around the couple. The groom along with a lot of his friends and family are from Ivory Coast. I assume a lot of them actually flew over here to attend the wedding. Naturally, they were really excited about the whole process and intrigued by everything around. They really wanted to document everything. Normally a photographer would kindly ask the bride and groom to remind the guests not to use their cell phone or tablet during the reception. But in this wedding everybody had something in their hands. Instead of interrupting them not to use any mobile devices, I simply just embraced it. It is the trend nowadays and you just can't avoid it at every ceremony. Besides, this really creates an interesting photograph as you can see the enthusiasm from every guests on the right side of the frame. I always love to see the celebration at the end of every wedding ceremony, and this is certainly the best representation of what it's supposed to look like in the most photojournalistic way. 

Location: 11421 164th St E, Puyallup, WA 98374.