Catholic Wedding Bridal Portrait

Catholic Wedding Bridal Portrait

Jana is so easy to work with incredibly stunning! When I was told they were going to get married at Blessed Sacrement Church in Seattle. I was so thrilled because I knew with its architecture, I could create a breathtaking picture with the whole church behind as my background. The exterior was absolutely beautiful. However, what I didn't discover before was the interior was just as amazing. There were so many spots I can work with. The light shining through the windows across different walls just make it seem like it's begging me to take an advantage of this incredible structure. And I was so glad I was able to fund this staircase. 

This photo was taken at a staircase at a dusty staircase with an obscene amount of spider webs at a 100 year old church. Nobody would've thought to take photos here at this narrow and unnoticeable staircase. But right when I pass this by, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity go. Despite my desire to do magic here, we did not have time since we had to take care of the family portraits right after the ceremony and headed to a different location for bridal party pictures. Thankfully, Jana has agreed to do a bridal session with me a few weeks after the wedding! While we were waiting for Austin to from finishing work, I had the chance to fully plan and execute the shots as I had no time constraint. I was so glad I could come back here to do shots like this! 

Location: 5050 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.