Wedding Styled Shoot
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Wedding Styled Shoot

This is a wedding styled shoot with a collaboration among the makeup artist Christy K and stylistic and floral designer Oh Miss Chic

As a photographer, I'm always looking for good light. If there's none, we'll have to create our own light in order to produce consistent beautiful images. However, with a studio like the Locket Space, I barely had to do any searching it already provided the perfect light. As soon as I walked in into the studio, I immediately thought to myself, "wow this place is a heaven for photographers." No wonder Locket Space has been one of the most popular studios for portrait shoots. The space has at least 8 feet by 8 feet of window light coming north side of Seattle, so no matter at what time of the day, there would always be soft light throughout the room. With that kind of directional light, it's difficult not to be able to make stunning photographs out of this space. On top of that, with years of modeling experience, Sarah made my job even easier. It was actually the first time I had the opportunity to work with a model. In the past, I have been the director to bring out the best out of my subjects. With Sarah, I rarely had to give any directions which is something I'm not accustomed to.

The pink water paint backdrop is hand crafted by Chien, and the flowers were also meticulously arranged by her to support the theme style. This image was taken towards the end of the session. With a concept inspired by Brett Florens, a renowned wedding photographer with a fashion focus, I'd like to emulate magazine cover style for this portrait. With the flowers arranged on the floor in order not to shift the focus from the subject, the image was was perfectly captured. And it was my favorite image from this styled shoot. I can not contain myself with the result from this shoot. Thanks to all the vendors that worked so hard to make this styled shoot happen!

Location: 55 S Atlantic St, Seattle, WA 98134.