Wedding Party Picture Seattle Wedding Photographer
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Wedding Party Picture Seattle Wedding Photographer

I always like when the the wedding party has a non singular color of dresses from different bridesmaids!

It was the the first time I had a wedding party with a bridesman and groomswomen! Peter loves two of his sister so much that he decided to put those two on his side of the wedding party, so does Roxanne with her brother. 

It always takes a some time to warm up with the wedding party. Roxanne and Peter's wedding party is like no other. Before taking this picture, I instructed everybody not to look down at the ground when walking down the field. Later when I looked at the picture and saw that Roxanne was the only one violating the rule then I asked her what happened. She goes, "Well Nick (her brother) tripped me and I almost fell!" It was moment like this that made this photograph special. As you can see they were arms in arms. While some were walking faster and some were walking slow, the group became a little bit unorganized and started having a little bit of fun. And unsurprisingly, By the end of the night, with some help from the alcohol, we were just having so much with the dancing and toasting. They were definitely one of the bridal party I enjoyed working with the most! 

Location: 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105.

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