Timeless Wedding Photography Seattle
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Timeless Wedding Photography Seattle

This my by far my favorite image from Tami and Chris' wedding. It is also one of my favorite images of all time. It shows so much emotion and timelessness at this moment. 

This photograph was taken about a week after the wedding. Just like most of people's weddings, Tami's wedding did not go according to the plan. Everything just went south... The wedding coordinator didn't show up. It took hours to reach the venue owner as we were trying to get inside early. The decor was missing a lot of center pieces. The officiator showed up late and did not know what he was doing. And food was not as good as it's supposed to be (well according to her, but I liked the food a lot :P). Last but not least, all the wedding gift registry they received from friends and family were all stolen when they were left overnight in the car parked at a supposedly "safe" neighborhood (it was in Queen Anne, so Seattle people should know it's actually a fairly high class neighborhood). The couple were so down, so I decided to to gift them another post wedding session to make up the time we had lost for the couple portrait during the wedding day! 

I teamed up with the makeup artist Christy to offer the complimentary photo session. We first went to Christy's house to do the makeup. Then headed to Pioneer Square because that was near where they had the wedding (Court in the Square). We had so much chatting and walking around the park. Got congratulated by a lot of strangers on the street and the couple even got gifted with some wine with a couple walking by because they thought Tami and Chris were so cute in their wedding attire. Overall it was just a successful and joyful day.

Location: 117 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104.

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