Tacoma Wedding Photographer at Thornewood Castle
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Tacoma Wedding Photographer at Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle First Look Photo

I have shot at Thornewood Castle numerous, but never have I truly taken the advantage of the historical and classical architecture that Thornewood has to offer until Amanda and Jim's wedding. Wedding photography is always about making artistic images. While in the Pacific Northwest we are subconsciously drawn to the nature scenes around the Puget Sound, the East Coast or European architecture has always been a somewhat lacking element across the venues. Thornewood Castle uniquely offers a captivating historical feature that assimilates many of the the East Coast's estate venue style.

As the timeline approaches the first look for this sweet couple, I made an extremely risky decision to arrange it at the staircase. It was challenging as the staircase itself it fairly narrow, not to mention the ambient light available in this specific location. However, with a touch of off-camera flash and a quick and detailed positioning and planning for the bride and groom, we were able to create a stunning documentary photograph as the first look unfolded. The sprinkle of light shining on the bride and her dress makes up the depth and dimension. On top of the composition with the two subject across the frame, this photo has easily becomes one of my most favorite photojournalistic moments in the recent years.

Location: 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498.

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