Storybook Farm Venue Wedding Cake Cutting
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Storybook Farm Venue Wedding Cake Cutting

Bride and groom cake cutting

We typically think of wedding photos as perfect, flawless highlights from the special day. But what about everything in between? When I do my wedding photos, I make sure that those moments also receive the spotlight. And this picture of the bride and the groom cutting the cake is the perfect example of that.

Well, the bride and the groom cutting the cake in the background. The star of this photo is clearly the adorable flower boy who jumped in front of my camera while the cake cutting was taking place. He clearly saw the camera and wanted to be photographed, so I granted him that wish. He did an incredible job earlier during the ceremony melting everyone’s heart, so I thought he was well-deserving of the spotlight.

And this is what I mean by ‘everything in between.’ There will be many heart-warming, funny, or emotional moments you miss during your own wedding because of how busy it is. (One of the most common advice for couples is to not forget eating at their own wedding. That’s how busy it gets!)

But rest assured, that’s what the wedding photographer will capture! When I’m at a wedding, I make sure your day will be thoroughly covered in an elegant, photojournalistic way. Getting ready, the wedding group photos, the first look, the vows, the KISS, the party, the cake cutting, the send-off. But I also make sure to get the little moments like the bridesmaids consulting each other on makeup, the groomsmen proudly watching their friend tuck the tux collar, the tear of joy trickling down the father’s eye, the children clapping to the beat of the music, and the first cut of the cake you carefully chose especially for the wedding.

That’s why I adore this particular photo. It was a glimmer of a moment that was part of the wedding celebration

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