Same sex marriage first look
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Same sex marriage first look

If you have heard of assisted-photojournalism, this is a perfect example of that. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the term photojournalism, but most likely never heard of ‘assisted-photojournalism’. This is when a photographer positions the subjects in a specific location or in better lighting that works in the photographer's favor and lets the moments naturally unfold.

This photograph was taken when both brides were getting ready at an AirBnb. When I noticed the mirror at the door entrance, I instantly thought I could create something that tells a story. As soon as Tessa went upstairs, I placed the bride, Rose, right outside the door so her reflection would show up in the mirror. The rest of the story would unfold as Tessa goes downstairs. And when the shutter went off, I knew I had the perfect shot.

Although both brides did not intend to have the first look on their wedding day since they went to shop the dresses together, this unintentionally became a much better alternative for their "first look" photo. In the end, this photo also ended up filling up one entire page of their wedding album.

Location: 2323 Franklin Ave E. Seattle, WA 98102.

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