Seattle Wedding Photographers in Cle Elum
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Seattle Wedding Photographers in Cle Elum

What a moment! Abigail's wedding was filled with nothing but hundreds of gorgeous images. And this is one of the best. 

I try to narrate a story as complete as possible behind each picture, but I can barely contain any words for this one. This is one of the photographs that just do not need much explanations. When you see the photo, you understand it. It was such an intimate moment between Abigail and her niece. 

Every wedding photographer would tell you they specializing capturing the moments. However, what is difficult is capturing the moments without interrupting them. From this photo it seems like I was up close with them to take the photo. In fact, I actually used a telephoto lens from from away. I remember I was actually taking pictures of the guests or perhaps talking to some other people. The scene happened only within split seconds as soon as I turned around. To be a documentary wedding photographer, you have to have a killer instinct and constantly observing what is happening around you. If you get stuck at one scene, you'd end up missing lots of precious moments that's happening around you. I was so glad I was able to preserve this moment for the bride. It was one well executed photograph filled with nothing but emotions. 

Location: 751 Big House Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922.