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This is the second time I took my newlyweds to Pioneer Square for a post-wedding session. Pioneer Square’s landscape can be defined as vintage-grunge. The bricks that make up the streets and the buildings really bring out the vibe of downtown Seattle. Many couples want this vibe captured in their wedding album. And that's why it’s a playground for wedding photographers.

Over the years, my style has transformed towards impressionism and timelessness. As a wedding photographer, I want to create something remarkable for my couples. I always have that in mind. So even before I arrived at this marvelous building in Pioneer Square, I knew what I wanted to try.

As a matter of fact, this photo is exactly the vision I had in mind! I wanted to take a bridal portrait that frames the bride in an artistic way. Look at that beautiful contrast between the bride and the building wall!

Nowadays, professional cameras are so accessible that everybody can be a photographer now. Competition is no longer limited within the industry. We are competing with social media, smartphones, and anybody who owns a DSLR. So these days, post-production of photos plays a key role in differentiating one’s photography style from others.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. And if you were to pick one image to define your wedding day, what would it be? I strive to deliver that defining image that will stand the test of time. I want you to have one image that you hang on your wall because it is not just a photograph, but rather, a piece of art.

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