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Seattle Tacoma Wedding Photography

Fun Filipino Wedding in Tacoma

I had the pleasure of driving down to Tacoma for a wonderfully fun Filipino wedding. I love Filipino weddings because they’re so vibrant and energetic. They sure know how to have fun!

And even as a wedding photographer, you’re guaranteed to have a ton of fun during the wedding dance party.

At this particular wedding, which was held at the Historic 1625 Tacoma Place, I got to witness the most epic dance circle of all time. See above photo.

I "kid" you not. All the kids at this wedding were so talented at dancing. Boy or girl, they all busted out their best moves, not missing a single beat. I even got to see a little girl bust out a breakdance move! It was one of the craziest crowd I've ever seen at a wedding dance reception.

Another cool highlight of the wedding dance party was the traditional Filipino money dance. Guests would come up to the bride and the groom and stick dollar bills on them, then dance away. The bride and groom would exchange hugs, kisses, and kind words with the contributors and continue partying.

I always enjoy seeing different traditions at weddings. For me, as a wedding photographer, it’s a very enriching experience.

Capturing every moment of your wedding

I say this again and again, but I truly believe it is the duty of a wedding photographer to capture every moment of your wedding, whether it’s focusing on the bride and groom, the party, or the guests. I love capturing these fun moments of the wedding because that also just goes to show how much of a blast your wedding was!

Tacoma Wedding Photography

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Location: 1625 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409.

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