Timeless Sunset Wedding Photographyphyphy in Seattle: Tomasina & Arris
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Timeless Sunset Wedding Photographyphyphy in Seattle: Tomasina & Arris

When Tomasina and Arris and I first met, they claimed that they are not really good at posing. I said ‘no problem.’ I reassured them that I would give directions and suggestions on how to pose so that they would come out natural in photos. And this is one of the images where I offered simple directions, which produced the perfect emotional and moody bridal portrait.

This was taken during sunset. Tomasina and Arris were actually at the reception waiting for their dinner to be served. The sun was setting at 9pm (thank you, Seattle summer!) and there was only half an hour left to take advantage of the natural light. So I told the newlywed: "hey, let's just go outside real quick to take a couple of pictures."

Throughout the day, We had trouble with the bride’s hair falling down and covering her face. And during this time the wind was blowing stronger than ever. Then I thought to myself, "well, I'll actually use her hair and the wind to my advantage!" As a result, I told my couple to just enjoy the sunset for a moment. The hair blowing in the wind actually created the most timeless photojournalistic art piece with so much emotion and timelessness. I love that it almost created this imperfect, undone look that actually made for a very romantic sunset wedding photography.

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Location: 6049 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

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