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Top Photo Booth Seattle Rentals

I have a lot of clients often ask me if it's possible to opt out of the white background and choose something that's already available at the venue. Well there you have an answer. Tami and Chris' wedding was nothing but a wild success. She liked the urbane style (with a slight touch of green decoration) for the wedding venue. With all the brick walls built around the space, without a question we'd have to take an advantage of it. The bride and groom also put a lot of time and effort to decorate the wall for the photo booth. With banner "Tami heart Chris" and their wedding date in the background, the result of the booth backdrop turned out to be nothing but lively and amazing. 

In order to make Tami and Chris' wedding with its photo booth an extremely fun experience, I prepared a lot of playful props for them to use. With a wide range selection of the hats, different kinds of signs, and of course with some help from the alcohol, everybody just kept pressing the button. They could never stop posing in front of the camera. 

During the reception, even a couple who were working as servers for the dinner came up to me and asked me when and where they could possibly access the photo booth pictures. It just really lightened my heart even more because of the fact that the vendors were also having so much fun. I hope they have found my website by now and be able to access their precious photos. 

Location: 401 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104.