Seattle Art Museum Wedding Photographer
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Seattle Art Museum Wedding Photographer

If you've been to Seattle Art Museum, then you'd know where this photograph was taken. This is the iconic lookout point. The bride and groom got married on a boat of Fremont Sunday Cruise, then they headed here for all the wedding and family portraits in downtown Seattle. This image is inspired by one of the most sought after wedding photographers Jim Garner. He has an iconic photograph of a wedding party hanging out at the same spot with the sky filling up the whole album spread from left to right. With a chance to create something similar but still unique to the couple and me, how can I miss it? I've been wanting to photograph a couple at this venue for a long time. It was a popular spot on a Saturday. And it was actually 4th of July. When we got there, there was one wedding ceremony inside the museum building. And two more newly weds around the walkway for some portraits as well. 

I absolutely adore the composition of this image. It gives a lot of negative space which is the sky so the photograph has room to breath. It's a perfect combination of landscape photography and portrait photography. When both of them combined with the couple in wedding attire, it's an outstanding and amazing wedding photography.

Location: 2901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121.

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