Salsa at Crystal Mountain Wedding: Jessica and Michael
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Salsa at Crystal Mountain Wedding: Jessica and Michael

Few things are more impressive at a wedding than a pair who really knows what they’re doing on the dance floor, so Jessica and Michael had the right idea when they decided to break out in salsa during their reception at Crystal Mountain. As if they needed to wow their guests any further, the couple showed off their superb skills that left their friends and family wide-eyed.

While the pair clearly had many years of salsa practice under their belts, learning a few moves for your wedding doesn’t have to be so complicated. Dance lessons are a great option for couples looking to express their love for one another through artistry and teamwork - After all, it takes two to tango (or, salsa in this case). Seattle boasts several incredible studios that offer salsa (and many other types of dance) lessons for those looking to brush up on their skills, or learn something new altogether. Salsa Con Todo, Century Ballroom, and La Clave Cubana are just a few of the venues that offer private and group lessons with highly skilled instructors!

Location: Crystal Mountain.

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