Romantic JM Cellars Nighttime Portrait
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Romantic JM Cellars Nighttime Portrait

Hannah & James

It was a beautiful night at the JM Cellars, where Hannah and Emerson tied the knot in front of their friends and family. Their wedding could be described as perfect. It was overflowing with love by their loved ones who gathered from all over the world to see this wonderful event.

This particular shot exemplifies the vibe of their beautiful wedding. It was the last shot from the night and I wanted it to signify a grand adieu of their wedding.

A romantic nighttime portrait session

I’ve had a few night portrait ideas that I’ve been wanting to experiment for quite a while. And this was one of them. The concept is very really simple. I used two flashes to light up the two trees from the bottom. One lit with a color temperature orange gel and the other with a color temperature blue gel (they’re just fancy words for light filters). I placed one more flash directly behind the couple for a beautiful and dramatic back-lit effect.

I absolutely love how it conveys the love and the intimacy of the couple. The trees framing the Hannah and Emerson from either side gave them more focus. And the silhouette of the couple sits very nicely in the center of the frame. Their beautiful embrace just radiates love and intimacy.

Thanks to Julie the florist, who had put in an insane amount of time and effort in decorating the reception area (you had to be there. She did an exceptional job!), I was able to take advantage of all the candles on the ground to add an extra flair of accent into the photograph. The added glow at the bottom of the frame was the cherry on top!

Nighttime portrait has always been one of my strengths. Oddly enough I had not posted many examples of my work in such lighting environment. I like that you can still show emotion and intimacy in night photography settings. That’s the beauty of photography, isn’t it?

As a wedding photographer, I believe it’s important to bring different styles and flavors to the game and not be afraid to explore them. I'm really pleased to show you the endless possibilities of what a wedding photographer would be able to create out of total darkness!

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