Indian Bridal Portrait at Newcastle Golf Club
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Indian Bridal Portrait at Newcastle Golf Club

Intimate Indian Bride Portrait in Newcastle Golf Club

Everyone who’s been to an Indian wedding can tell you how fun they are. It’s the perfect window into the rich Indian culture and tradition. They don’t shy away from having the time of their lives. And for the most part, it’s about maximum celebration. And for a wedding photographer, it’s a goldmine of inspiration and memorable moments.

I wanted to get an intimate shot of my bride before the ceremony began, something to capture the anticipation and the ‘butterflies-in-stomach’ feeling before the wedding ceremony. Because I knew once the ceremony began, it would be more difficult to get one-on-one’s with the bride. Because she’ll want to keep dancing - and I don’t blame her at all! (If you’ve been to an Indian wedding before, you’ll get what I mean, right?)

As a wedding photographer, there are many focal points of Indian bridal look that I love, from the vibrant makeup look to the fine details of the dress and the henna on her hands. However, for this shot, I decided to mute the details neck-down and focus on her face to highlight the emotions and the beautiful bridal makeup and the headpiece.

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Location: 15500 Six Penny Ln, Newcastle, WA 98059.

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