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Horse Carriage Wedding Photo

As thoroughly planned weddings are, you should always, always anticipate some surprises. But who doesn’t love some good surprises, right? Well, that’s just what Erik & Willow, one of my favorite couples, had at their wedding. This photo is a perfect example of one of the many surprises from their wedding day.

The horse carriage you see in this photo was originally a surprise arranged by Willow for Erik. The surprise was for her to walk down the aisle on the carriage to see each other for the first time. And she totally got him! Needless to say, the horse carriage totally deserved some photo time with the couple.

To really showcase the horse carriage, I placed the horses in the foreground and positioned the bride and groom in the background but shone a pinch of light on them in order to put the focus on the couple. The composition of this image was inspired by Fearless Photographers, an organization that promotes creative imagery in the most diverse way. Having had entered the image competition numerous times, I believe this one truly embodies the spirit of Fearless' mission - to push the boundary of what a wedding photograph should look like.

When I invited Erik and Willow back for the album design consultation, they were delighted by the result of this picture. During the portrait session, I was lying down on the grass in order to get achieve this unusual angle. (Head’s up: I do this a lot. No shame. Do it for the shot.) Erik and Willow were really confused, they were probably like, "what the heck was Roddy doing there?" Needless to say, this photo came out just the way I hoped and I'm thrilled to enter this image for any future competition!

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