Golden Gardens Bathhouse

Golden Gardens Bathhouse

Without any doubt, I have to say Sarah and Graeme are definitely one of my favorite couples of all time. From the very beginning when we first met for initial meeting until the post wedding portrait session, they have been so cheerful and never turned down anything I asked them to do. 

This iconic night portrait is taken towards the end of the reception right when they were about to hop in the car to leave the venue (They have already done the exit with the guests). I asked, "if you can stay for a couple more minutes for one last photo, that would be so greatly greatly appreciated." As cool as they always are, immediately followed me to the back of the bathhouse. I set the flash right behind them to create a backlight while having them do a dip. It had been raining in Seattle for the whole day that day. It was no exception when they were walking out. But nothing is better than some drizzle for some night portrait. Up until this day, this is still one of the proudest photographs I have ever taken. The rain, the architecture of the house, and the pose of the couple just made everything perfect for this image. 

And this image has also won the first collection award from WedAward.  

Location: 8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, WA 98117.