Fine Art Dramatic Bridal Portrait

Fine Art Dramatic Bridal Portrait

I have been to and seen this scene numerous times throughout the past couple years. Because right across the street is photographers' heaven - Glazer's Camera, Seattle's biggest local camera store and rentals. Before this session, the idea of doing an actual shoot here has surfaced in my mind for a while, but I never got a chance to execute the shoot with along with finding the right people. However, when Janice told me she'd like to start their pre-wedding photo shoot at UW Medicine in South Lake Union, everything changed. I immediately figured where exactly she was talking about. Janice works at an architecture firm and this building is the project she's been involved in. So when she initiated the idea of incorporating their portrait with architecture, I can't be more delighted because this is just my cup of tea. And who can be more fitting to shoot at this location than Janice as this area actually carried a special meaning to her. This is her project site where she has spent countless hours on. To be able to wear her wedding dress at her job, the idea can't be any more perfect.

As I started shooting with Kelvin and Janice, I was putting most of the time to use one side of the glass building as their backdrop. While I kept walking around to look for more compositional creativity, I turned around I saw something entirely different. I was so excited that I quickly found the center point and position the bride in the middle. The symmetry of the buildings from both side provides an astounding composition for me to work with. The leading lines brings the attention straight to the subject. By turning the exposure down for the ambiance,I was able to make such as dramatic and moody photograph for the bride-to-be.

Location: 850 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109.

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