Moody and Dramatic Engagement Photo
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Moody and Dramatic Engagement Photo

Before you say anything like, "wow, they sky is so dramatic. It must be photoshopped." No, the color of the sky is practically straight out of camera!. And my couple can testify this for me. Most of people who live in Seattle know the weather is always unpredictable. And it's quite possible that you'd be able to experience four seasons in a day. Rain, sunshine, clouds, you name it. 

We first started off the engagement shoot at Washington Park Arboretum. It was a long walk with beautiful greenery. Ethan and Joy are very much of an outdoor and nature couple. We even thought about going to Ruby Beach in the Olympics Peninsula. Unfortunately it was out of the options due to the schedule conflict. 

When we got to the Pike Place Market. The sky has turned dark already. That's when we soon realized how beautiful and dramatic the sky was when we looked up. It was some kind of doomsday scene you see in the movies or games. It was a rare opportunity that I would not let go of taking advantage of this sky to create some dramatic portrait. I'd be honestly with you, I really didn't edit much on this image. I was stunned myself when I looked at the back of my camera after I clicked the shutter. And I showed it to the couple. No surprise, they were also in awe. 

Location: 1951 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101.