Las Vegas Engagement Photo
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Las Vegas Engagement Photo

A styled shoot session with Melissa and Andrew in Nevada! When taking portraits in the desert near Las Vegas, photographers always think of Red Rock Canyon. As I joined Project Obscura, a two day workshop hosted by N-VU, they provide something different and unique. Just like everybody else, when I thought we were riding the bus to the Canyon, we arrived at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. And it actually started snowing instantly right when we got off the bus. Then it started raining. And the sun came out afterward. We actually got to experience 4 seasons in one day which really reminds me of Seattle. 

Regardless, Melissa and Andrew are two courageous souls. The cold wind was blowing in everybody's face, but Melissa's dedication for modeling for the photographers was one of a kind. During a short time interval when she needed to take of the blanket. I was able to get a shot of them looking and smiling at each other. With the canyon in the background, it created an epic engagement shoot for the couple. I really couldn't be more proud of the couples and what I've got. This is arguably one of my favorite images out of the whole style shoot. Really looking forward to do more desert shoot in the near future! 

Location: 6375 Nevada 159, Blue Diamond, NV 89004.