Engagement Picture in front of the Seattle Great Wheel
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Engagement Picture in front of the Seattle Great Wheel

What a pair of love birds they are! Jennifer and Garrett are an unique couple. Prior to the shoot, Garrett repeatedly warned me they are not like most of the couples that are really touchy and intimate, so they'd like to avoid any of those shots if possible. As he gave me that statement, I thought to myself, "well, now how am I supposed to guide them through the session as majority of my shots focus on drawing the couple's physical connections together, so we'd see more of an emotional connection. However, as soon as we started taking pictures, it became obvious that their love was in the air. They were so smooth and comfortable in front of the camera. creating elegant and candid shots was as painless as it got. At the end of the evening, we stopped at our destination which was the Seattle Great Wheel, the iconic landmark by the water of Seattle downtown. Garrett was really particular about the placement of the ferris wheel in the background since some of the other photos he saw on the Internet was frankly underwhelming. With the help of lens compression, I was able to create a backdrop of huge ferris wheel behind the couple and wrap it around the subject flawlessly. And as the operation of the ferris wheel was near the end. The lights on the wheel started to dim which turned out even better. Had it have more lights on the structure, it would have distract the attention away from the subject. This image was truly spot on!

Location: 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101.

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