Elegant Engagement Photography
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Elegant Engagement Photography

Alright. To be honest with you. This is not an engagement photo. This couple are good friends of mine Natasha and Patrick. They have been dating for a long time so they decided to do a pre-engagement shoot. You may say what do you even mean by pre-engagement shoot? Well I don't even know, so I'm gonna stop kidding. Natasha was graduating so she contacted me for a photo shoot for graduation pics. So we went around UW (University of Washington) and took a lot of pictures with her in caps and gown. While her boyfriend Patrick was there, of course I did not want to miss the opportunity for some lovely couple photos to put on my portfolio. After all, they ARE an attractive couple don't you agree? Plus they were already in their dress and suit so why not? 

I was really proud of this image because it was back in the day when I truly grasped the essence of photography in terms of highlight and shadow after attending several workshop online and in Vegas. The posing, the lighting, and the emotion were all well executed in this image. 

Now, as I'm writing this they are still dating although there has been some ups and downs. Who knows maybe if something, they may ask me to remove this if (but hopefully not). Really though, I'm crossing my fingers that their relationship will last till the end when they swear the vow to each other and last but not least- I'll be the one photographing their wedding! 

Location: University of Washington Box 352900 2900, Seattle, WA 98195.