Couple portrait at Portland luxury hotel The Nines
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Couple portrait at Portland luxury hotel The Nines

I took this iconic photo of Zainab & Zak at the luxurious The Nines hotel in downtown Portland.

I’ve attended many image competitions in the past and have seen lots of award-winning images. And I’ve been feeling inspired to push the boundaries with my own work. And this particular wedding provided the perfect opportunity.

This shoot turned out to be particularly challenging, though. My initial plan was to use two flashes to light the bride and groom simultaneously. However, I was experiencing technical difficulties with my flash equipment, and I couldn't get the flashes to fire. This was quite a challenge to tackle in a room with so many reflective surfaces and walls. Due to the tight wedding day schedule, we decided to revisit the spot during their dance break.

Thankfully, Zainab & Zak were so patient with me the entire time. Eventually, we were able to conclude this portrait shoot on the second try. Whew! I'm pretty proud of this photo. In terms of planning and composition, it was one of the best photographs I have ever created, if I may. To create leading lines, I placed the bride and the groom on opposite ends of the frame and had them face different angles. This is actually a composition I rarely visit. But it came out way better than I expected! Not to mention, I absolutely love the emotions captured from Zainab’s eyes!

Location: 525 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97204.