Catholic Wedding Bridal Portrait in Seattle
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Catholic Wedding Bridal Portrait in Seattle

Jana was so easy to work with and not to mention, incredibly stunning! When I was told she and Austin (her now-husband) were getting married at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, I was so thrilled because that is one of my favorite places to shoot wedding photos. I knew with its architecture, I could take some breathtaking pictures with the church behind as my background. (I mean, this photo just says everything.) The exterior is absolutely beautiful. However, last time I was there I didn’t spend a lot of time inside. This time, I got to explore the interior which was simply amazing. There were so many spots I could work with. This particular staircase we discovered was one of my favorite spots. I absolutely loved the light shining through the window and it made for a beautiful bridal portrait photography.

This 100-year old staircase was covered in dust and cobwebs, probably not most people’s first choice to take wedding photos at this narrow and unnoticeable staircase. But right when I walked by, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity go. However, we were under a time crunch at the moment. We had to head to a different location for the bridal party pictures. Thankfully, Jana agreed to do a separate bridal session with me a few weeks after the wedding! While we were waiting for Austin to finish work, I had the chance to fully plan and execute the shots since I had no time constraint to worry about. I’m so glad I could come back here to do shots like this!

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Location: 5050 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

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