Bride and groom creative portrait
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Bride and groom creative portrait

Grace and Mike absolutely killed this one!
During the pre-wedding planning meeting with the lovely couple, they mentioned a specific staircase near the ceremony venue that they wanted to include in the photoshoot. Having lived in Seattle for many years now, I mentally located a staircase that I’ve seen before in the area: a simple flight of stairs, not uncommon in the hilly landscape of Queen Anne. However, when Grace and Mike showed me the place they had in mind, I was completely blown away. It was a beautiful mesh of bricks and stones, zig-zaging three flights down the hill. There was so much potential for amazing compositions, and this one of the best that have turned out.
This image is a two shot composite with a light on the bride and groom separately. In order to remove the light spill, I also had to take another shot without any light to make sure only the subjects were properly lit. Although this is not a first look, it's definitely an inspiration for what a first look can be.

Location: 650 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119.

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