Bridal Portrait Details Photojournalism
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Bridal Portrait Details Photojournalism

Bridal Portrait Details

Bridal Portrait sessions are my favorite. It’s a great privilege for any wedding photographers to witness and capture the anticipation, excitement, and many varying emotions of the bride before the ceremony.

‘Oh no, is that a zit?’

‘I feel so nervous! I can’t believe it’s happening today!’

‘Have the flowers arrived already?’

‘I am so thankful for my bridesmaids!’

These thoughts are written all over the bride’s face. She’s happy, then she’s concerned, then she’s relieved. Basically, the bride just wants the day to go just right.

And I have a special duty to convey and preserve these emotions, later to reminisce on when she flips through the wedding album with her husband.

One other reason why I love bridal portraits is that I get to focus on the intricate details of the bride. The hair, the makeup, the jewelry, and of course, the dress. Just imagine the many months have been spent picking out the perfect bridal set from hundreds of options. It would be a terrible shame if those details were not properly given their proper due.

Those details that embellishes the bride also give us a glimpse into who she is. Because all those accessories and garments are very personal to her. So when I’m shooting a bridal portrait, I usually keep that in mind and try to piece together her personal story as I snap away at the details.

Sometimes I direct the brides on certain poses. But the other times, you’ll find me on the sideline, just snapping away as everyone gets ready. Don’t get me wrong. I love nice, intentional poses as well. But I definitely gravitate more towards the less formal, candid moments.

And that’s the beauty of photojournalism, isn’t it? You tell a story through a photo. And that’s why I love this job because I get to tell your wedding story through photos.

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