Ballard Locks Bridal Portrait
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Ballard Locks Bridal Portrait

This is the first time I had a vision in mind to reality incorporate architecture and a bride into a sophisticated dramatic portrait. We were walking around Ballard Locks with Tomasina and Arris. As we walked passed this building Tomasina told me her dad really liked the architecture. Without a second thought. I told them, well, let's take some beautiful pictures here! The sun was shining from the left which provided a strong light source already on the subject and eliminated the need for an artificial light. With the bride's wedding dress I had her turned backward which created a beautiful curve from top to bottom. 

As technology evolves, everybody with a camera is a photographer nowadays. Getting the right exposure, lighting, posing, or even emotions may not make you stand out from the crowd anymore. Post processing became part of the process that set somebody apart from everybody else. That's what I strive for for every client. At each wedding, I aim to create something that truly defines your wedding day in one image- at least one image that you would not be able to resist hanging a large canvas in your home. Rather than just aphotograph, I want to create art pieces for your wedding.

Location: 3015 NW 54th St, Seattle, WA 98107.

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