Bainbridge Waterfront Country Club Silhouette Portrait
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Bainbridge Waterfront Country Club Silhouette Portrait

Bainbridge Island is truly a hidden gem of Seattle. It’s a quaint town located west of Seattle, an hour ferry ride from Downtown Seattle. This is where the bride and the groom chose for their elopement shoot. Bainbridge Island is any Seattle wedding photographer's favorite, despite having to take a ferry over. It's quiet, but has character. It's small, but you never run out of places to shoot. Plus, you get a killer view of the Seattle skyline from the shore.
We spent the day shooting in the nooks and crannies of the picturesque island, and arrived at the beautiful Bainbridge Waterfront Country Club as our final shot destination. By then, the sun was slowly setting, turning the sky into a dreamy hue of blue and pink. Gosh. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that beautiful sunset, shall we?
For the final shot, I wanted to create something intimate, yet carried the weight of the excitement of their everlasting bond. And more than anything, I wanted to fit that with the sunset. I love how the silhouette silences out distractions and focuses on the intimacy of the couple.
There were many precious moments of the bride and the groom during the photo shoot, but this has got to be my favorite from the photoshoot.

Location: Country Club Bainbridge Island.

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