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Arctic Club Seattle Wedding Photographer

Everybody says that a picture says a thousand words. It's been so commonly used and for me, it almost became a cliche, so I rarely use this phrase. However, for this picture I think it just sums it all up. It can't be fitting enough because it just really catches the essence of it. 

This is Jacqueline and Roy's wedding in the autumn of 2016. I got the opportunity to shoot at this wedding thanks to Logan Westom as he was looking for a 2nd photographer for his coverage. I immediately jumped on and introduced myself to him because Arctic Club has always been one of the venues I've been dreaming of shooting at. The luxurious and high-end style of ceiling looking from below just blows your mind away. 

This picture was taken towards the end of the reception. While all the guests were having fun on the dance floor. The bride and groom quietly entered and had their slow dance moment. Without catching anybody's attention, all the emotions coming from the groom started emerging to the surface. His expression was subtle, but he was carried away. You can probably tell they were whispering something to each other. Or perhaps they were being silent and simply immersed in their own world. Above it all, you can feel the intensity of his emotion so much that I felt his experience as a groom- the roller coaster ride of the whole wedding day, the anxiety, the joy, the tears, the appreciation, and the final realization of what it means to be married, and the privilege to call the love of your life your wife. 

As a wedding photographer, it was extremely critical not to to interrupt the moments. With lots of experiences in shooting weddings. I knew right off the bat that I would have to document this moment from far away. I used the telephoto lens 70-200 to zoom in on the couple, through the glasses on the table I was able to create reflection and bokeh in the composition. Had I come up close to them and photographed right from 3 feet away, the feeling and the moment probably would have deteriorated or even disappeared. I was so glad and honored that I was able to seize this particular timeless moment. 

Location: 700 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104.

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